Beginning again…

When you get pregnant, your body begins making shifts and changes you may not even notice at first. Hormones adjust and increase, ready to create the perfect nourishing space for new life to grow.

Then come the nine months of growth, both for baby, and you! Parts of you stretch that you didn’t even know could stretch. Muscles relax and move. Skin becomes striped and thin. Organs squish and move out of the way. All in service of that sweet baby you’re about to meet.

Then your baby arrives, and again more changes. Your once round belly is squashy. Your breasts begin leaking and feel full and huge. Your hair starts thinning out after looking lush and thick for months. You’re tired. So tired. You wonder if you’ll ever feel normal again.

Then one day you feel up for exercise. Excitedly you try a brisk walk or run, and suddenly realize your bladder is leaking, your back is killing you, or your core feels weak and sore. You’re so disappointed. After everything your body has been through, why can’t you just get back to what you used to be able to do?

I want you to know, I’m here with you! I’m almost five months postpartum with my fourth baby, and my body still doesn’t feel a thing like it did before pregnancy. But today I’m beginning again. Right here on my yoga mat, I’m going to slowly stretch, balance, and start to get to know my body again!

I found an amazing program after my first baby, that truly helps me put myself back together again! It’s called Heal Your Core with Yoga. It’s specifically designed to help mothers with diastasis recti (abdominal separation) after having children. It helps you heal, recover, and grow stronger, eventually even become stronger and more flexible than before pregnancy! Sessions are never more than 20 minutes, so it’s easy to fit it into your busy new mama schedule!

If you have diastasis recti, incontinence, a weak core, tightness and inflexibility, or just want to feel connected to your body again after birth, I cannot recommend this program enough! It’s so wonderful, and Catherine Middlebrooks, Heal Your Core with Yoga’s creator, is so kind and supportive! She even has a Facebook group for her students, where you can get support and ask questions, and it’s a great community of other moms that are going through what you are.

If you want to try the program, here’s the link:

Join me as I begin again, healing my post-baby body, and getting to know myself all over again!

heal your core with yoga
beginning again

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