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welcome to birthsong

My name is Lisa, and I warmly welcome you to birthsong. You may be here because you’re expecting a sweet baby, or you may be interested in Reiki energy healing. Or perhaps you may not know what brought you here. Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here! How can I support you? Feel free toContinue reading “welcome to birthsong”

what is a doula?

she who serves a doula walks alongside you during your pregnancy, whispering the answers to all the questions you’re desperate, but maybe too nervous, to ask. a doula is the voice on the other end of the phone at 10:41pm when you wonder “is this normal?” a doula is the warm compress on your back,Continue reading “what is a doula?”

what is reiki?

reiki is the life-force energy that is within, between, among, above, below, and around all things. when reiki is shared, it is guided by God, through a human, to the highest good of those that would receive. reiki supports and enables, encourages and allows, the healing potential of the body. in essence, sharing and receivingContinue reading “what is reiki?”

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