what is a doula?

she who serves

a doula walks alongside you during your pregnancy, whispering the answers to all the questions you’re desperate, but maybe too nervous, to ask.

a doula is the voice on the other end of the phone at 10:41pm when you wonder “is this normal?”

a doula is the warm compress on your back, or the cool washcloth on your forehead as you breathe your baby down.

a doula makes sure your husband has eaten, and shows him how to put just the right amount of pressure on your hips as you sway.

a doula remembers your plan, and even if things go differently, helps you find the best way to move forward with your priorities intact.

a doula holds a fan, a cup of ice water, your hand.

a doula wipes your tears and reminds you, that not only can you do this, you ARE doing this.

a doula is steadfast, patient, kind, a calm voice in chaos, a steady hand when things get shaky

a doula watches in awe as you bring your baby earthside, from just where YOU need her: beside you, or snapping photos, speaking words of encouragement, or just simply witnessing your incredible strength.

a doula quietly waits for your cue, if you need support to get your sweet baby nursing, or help getting situated, or just peace and quiet, she follows your lead.

a doula is she who serves.

how can I serve you?

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