the space between

When your symptoms disappear, how do you handle your fear?

The first trimester is full of (sometimes very unpleasant) symptoms. From nausea and vomiting to tender breasts and exhaustion, the second trimester often brings a huge sigh of relief as these less than awesome experiences start to abate. But what no one talks about is the space between. The time when your symptoms start to disappear, you may not be showing much, if at all, and you’re not feeling baby move, wiggle, or kick yet. The time when you wonder: “Is my baby ok in there?”

You’re still only seeing your care provider once a month, and when you start to feel almost normal again, it can be shocking, and often may cause some fear. Most providers will tell you, everything is fine, baby is still growing in there, you’ll start to feel those little flutters soon. But what if you don’t yet? How do you manage those moments of anxiety?

I’ve found a few things that have helped me to make it through those few weeks of uncertainty.

  1. Pray. For me, just trusting that God has my baby and I in his hands brings so much peace and comfort! When I find myself doubting that everything is ok in there, I take it to Him. Reading comforting verses in the Bible also helps soothe my anxiety!
  2. Talk to my baby. I may not be able to feel baby yet, but baby’s ears are developing and you never know, baby might already be able to hear your voice and find comfort him or herself! I find talking to baby reassuring. It feels like we already have a relationship, and it reminds me why I’m doing this!
  3. Distraction. Read a good book, watch a funny show, talk to a close friend, play with your older children, take a long walk. It will help the time pass faster, and before you know it the flutters will be here!
  4. Take time to be still. I find that when I lie down and make myself totally comfortable, and stay completely still, I feel something! It’s often a “was that my digestion or a flutter” kind of moment, but I trust that when I feel even the slightest change inside, that it’s baby waving hello!
  5. Talk to your provider. If you’re really concerned, speaking with your care provider can often bring some reassurance. They’ve supported SO many women through this experience, and can often ease your mind. If you’re worried about bothering them, don’t! That’s what they’re there for. And if they do have concerns, they’ll have you plan a time to come in. Just having an appointment on your schedule can help.

I hope these suggestions bring you some comfort! Did you struggle at this time of your pregnancy? What helped you to relax and release your anxiety? I’d love to hear any suggestions you may have that may help other readers! Feel free to comment below!

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