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Lisa is absolutely amazing!!! She was my doula with my son (my first birth) and I don’t know how I could’ve done it without her! She was there to lend me support and direction during the whole birth which was amazing! She kept me focused during the birth and made sure that my birth wishes were clearly communicated to the hospital staff and strongly advocated for me. She also help to keep me posted with what the hospital staff was suggesting and telling us during the whole process. She had a whole bag of tricks and different strategies to help labor progress and the birth to go easier. My favorite part, other than Lisa’s sweet heart and soul, was what a support she was for my husband as well. Having Lisa there let my husband just be there for me and not have to be my coach too. She kept me on track, focused and especially breathing when the birth was the hardest! Lisa is the sweetest and kindest person I have met but she will totally give you a firm talking to when needed. When I felt like I was too tired to go on, she grabbed my hand and helped me get through it and get to hold my beautiful baby boy! Completely amazing! Thank you, Lisa! 


There were a few reasons I wanted a Doula and ironically none of them had to do with MY birth experience. I felt my husband really needed an advocate to help him understand the process, what his role played in the birth, and some tips/tricks to help Me during the birth. We brought Lisa in with that main goal in mind, however, absolutely benefitted from her guidance and preparation on things we didnt even know to ask. Lisa really made a huge impact on our experience – in an amazing, supportive, and life changing (literally) way. Two memorable ways (outside of consistent communication, amazing calm presence, and incredibly knowledgable advocacy) are below: 

Day of Birth: My water broke 5 weeks early at 3am, we panicked. We called Lisa and she mobilized FAST to come to us in the hospital. She made my husband comfortable, sensed questions I may have early, and was a fly on the wall when not needed. My birth plan went off the rails a few times and Lisa was consistent to STOP, explain, read any concerns/hesitancy, and 100% advocate for Me and My baby at all times. She made sure that every medical question was detailed for me as many times as I needed; and how a decision would effect my plan and goals. She calmed me when unknowns popped up and I felt overwhelmed and confused – consistently and calmly. 

After-Birth: My son came early and therefore needed to be sent to the NICU for immediate care including Oxygen. Lisa sent my husband and stood next to me the entire time they were gone and talked me through questions, concerns, what ifs, and processes. When the doctor came in to explain the NICU update to me – I was VERY scared and she said STOP and specifically made them break it down and reexplain several times for Me. She advocated constantly – in ways I would never known were possible. She kept me calm, kept me informed, and brought a confident presence into a room full of BIG emotions. Again.. she was AMAZING.


Lisa has attended all three of my births. If there is a fourth, we’ll find a way to have her present despite the distance! During our prenatal visits,l Lisa helped my partner and I feel confident and comfortable no matter what scenarios may arise. She equipped us with comfort measures, stretches and exercises that prepared my body, and helped us write a birth plan that included how we hoped to handle unforseen circumstances. During each birth Lisa played a variety of roles- but the one word I’d choose to describe her role is an anchor. She gave me a voice when I was shocked by an emergency C-section, she gave me physical comfort when requested, and she was ready to change plans at a moment’s notice. Lisa has a gift of being “all things to all people” and she is far more than a doula to our family- she is a treasured friend.


Lisa does a great job in helping to prepare you for an amazing birth experience and provides support along the whole journey. She is very knowledgeable,  has a lot of resources, and is very open to your personal birth experience. 


Lisa provided me support and guidance while I was pregnant with my first child. Working with Lisa was a huge boost to my physical, emotional, and mental well-being. As a first-time mom, I had a lot of concerns and anxiety. I appreciated being able to ask Lisa questions and hear about her experiences as a doula. It gave me an idea of what I could expect at the hospital where I was planning to deliver. She assisted me in formulating a Birth Plan. (Ultimately, we didn’t end up using this, but the process of writing it made me consider some important issues such as whether I wanted a medicated or unmedicated birth.) The biggest benefit from working with Lisa was learning how to help my body during pregnancy. I am a very go-go-go type of person and as a result, I was twisting my back in all sorts of bad ways. Lisa assisted me in doing pregnancy-safe stretches to help ease the discomfort and eventually referred me to a local, trusted chiropractor who did absolute WONDERS to relieve the pain I was experiencing. I am thankful for Lisa’s service and have fond memories of being her client.


Lisa was an absolute joy to have as part of my pregnancy journey! I took both the Comforts Measures course and Childbirth Education course through her and can genuinely say I looked forward to every session! Each session she provided an outline of what we would cover that day and often tools for us to take home and include in our hospital/birth bag. Even as a healthcare worker, there is so much about pregnancy and the birthing experience that is left untouched in our education especially in regards to comfort measures. I really appreciated how she always incorporated my husband into everything during our sessions as well. While we only took her courses the first time around, my husband and I both agreed that we will be utilizing her as a doula for our next birth! Lisa has what you want in a doula – a calming presence, responsiveness, and an ability to read your needs. From a business perspective she is very organized, clear with her pricing, and responsive to any questions or concerns I had. I cannot recommend her enough!

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